About Us

Big Madre Tacos y Tortas: Welcome to the Family

Picture a home where the smell of a slow-cooked pot of beans greets you before you’ve even made it through the door. Where homemade tortillas are pressed and cooked right in front of you. Where the aromas of grilled carne guisada, slow-cooked carnitas, and specially marinated chicken fajitas is so incredible that you can’t wait to take the first bite of food. A meal prepared for family with some of the most carefully crafted secret recipes around. A meal that demands to be eaten, no bite left behind…and just when you think you can’t eat anymore, mama is there to make sure you do.

You hungry yet?

Big Madre Tacos y Tortas is that authentic homestyle Mexican meal you’ve been waiting for. With locations around Houston and more on the way, you’ll enjoy a full-service meal without the full-service costs. Welcome to the family. When we say family, we mean it. It’s in our blood. It’s the foundation of everything we do at Big Madre Tacos y Tortas because our legacy was born out of a mother’s love for cooking.

Every recipe in our kitchen, from the marinades to the salsas, the beans and rice to the handmade flour tortillas, were honed over decades by our chef, who learned from the very best — his madre!

So whatever you’re craving, whether it’s our flavorful carne guisada, picadillo, carnitas, fajitas, or you just can’t get enough of our homemade tortillas and salsas, Big Madre Tacos y Tortas has the homestyle taste and portions you’re looking for without all the extra costs. And once you take that first bite, we’re pretty sure you’ll have the same response we did — Tell your big madre that I’m available for adoption!

Welcome to Big Madres Tacos y Tortas. Quality home-cooked Mexican food conveniently located throughout Greater Houston and priced even more conveniently. Welcome to the family.